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Alabama Family Dentist Examining Dental XRays

Preventative, Basic, and Major Dental Services

Ellzey Dental's Affordable and Professional Dental Care in Prattville Alabama Offers a Wide Variety of Dental Services in Our Modern Professionally Equipped Dental Clinic.

Dental Procedure Classifications

Preventative and Diagnostic Services / Emergency Dentist near Prattville AL

Preventative Dental Care and Diagnostic Services

  • Overall patient assessment to identify possible signs of oral or systemic disease in all new patients

  • Periodontal health screening on all new patients

  • Oral exam  and cancer screening on all new patients and as needed problem focused exams

  • Cleaning of Teeth (oral prophylaxis), including topical fluoride treatment

  • Dental X-rays

  • Scaling and root planning (deep cleaning) with referral to oral surgeon, endodontists or periodontist, as needed

Basic Restorative Services / Emergency Dentist near Prattville AL

Basic Restorative Dental Services

  • Emergency palliative treatment to relieve tooth pain

  • Fillings and replacement fillings (amalgam and composite)

  • Periodontal maintenance

  • Sealants and sealant repairs (generally for children and adolescents)

  • Whitening and Veneers

  • Extractions

  • Traditional crowns and full porcelain crowns

  • Composite resin bonding

  • Occlusal night guard for grinding and clenching

Emergency Dentist near Prattville AL

Major Restorative Dental Services

  • Fixed bridges

  • Partial and complete dentures; denture replacement, repair and reline

  • Anterior, Bicuspid and Molar Root Canals

  • Implant supported restorations

*Note:   The procedure classifications above may not represent the same categories as your insurance carrier.

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