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Alabama Family Dentist Examining Dental XRays

Dental Insurance and Fees

Ellzey Dental in Prattville Alabama Accepts Most Major Health Plans. If Your Health Plan is Not Listed Below, Give Us a Call. This Is Not a Complete List. We Also Offer Dental Financing Options.

Most major health plans are accepted - both employer and individual policies along with Medicare plans. If a patient does not have insurance, overall service fees have been set to make Dr. Ellzey’s practice geared to servicing the entire family at affordable rates. Dr. Ellzey’s philosophy is a one of “no surprises”. Patients are informed ahead of time of the service to be provided and associated cost. If additional procedures are recommended, treatment options and cost will be reviewed with the patient, such that Dr. Ellzey and the patient can together, decide on next steps.    

Major Dental Insurances Accepted at Ellzey Dental (Not a Complete List):

Medicaid is Not Accepted

Dental Insurance Coverage Prattville AL

Our dental office accepts Care Credit!

our dentist takes care credit
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